Web Analytics and Testing

We provide in-depth web analytics services to understand how your site visitors are engaging with your website and increase conversions. Google also takes this information and considers it as part of their algorithim for rankings.

Testing different opportunities on the website helps us improve campaign performance. We use A/B and Multivariate testing as part of our process to increase conversions.

Our Full Site Analytics Tracking service provides valuable information about each visitor including:
  • Their location
  • How they came to your website
  • Which keywords they used in Google or Bing
  • The browser they used
  • Whether they’re on an iPad, smartphone or desktop and much more.

In addition, Click and Scroll Tracking allows us to see the exact movements and clicks of a visitor’s mouse.

Multivariate and A/B Testing reports on the performance of clickable elements of your web page. Whether it’s rotating between two images or tweaking a critical call to action, our testing approach allows us to gauge performance and act on the results. What this means is you’re getting a website with constantly improved performance.

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